Siebrecht Tire and Track Studding
Traction on snow and ice.


The difference between a studded tire and a stock tire is night and day.

I use the traditional tire studs that are inserted with a special studding tool. They can be left on the tire all year long. There are no speed restrictions like there are with chains.

  • No spinning out when pulling an ice shack or sled
  • Better and safer handling on ice.
  • Plow snow on slick driveways without spinning out

50-75 studs per tire are the recommended number of studs in ATV tires.

You do not need special tires to accept studs.

I can do them on or off the machine.

Snowmobile tracks get regular snowmobile studs with backers and nuts. Around $200 for 96 track studs, installed. Price will vary a little depending on quantity and stud length.

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Grant Siebrecht
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$15 per tire

Types of studs
  • Standard - Standard studs can be driven on any surface. They are commonly used in Canada on the highways and other snowy countries.
  • Rally - Rally Studs are for ice and off road use.